Global navigation

Boost content discovery, task completion
and brand perception with a mega-menu


One of  designers’ most important job is to create good way-finding system for users. Hence I was proud to lead a team to build a new global mega-menu on We set out to improve how users navigate the CHOICE website,  by:

  • Improving task completion

  • Enabling users to see more depth and breadth of the site’s content

  • Users can tell at a glance CHOICE’s core activities: product testing, content and advocacy


Having a shallow one-level navigation slowed users down from completing common tasks. It also makes it difficult for users to discover more interesting content.

Another  problem was that the navigation can give the wrong brand impression. At a glance, most users thought they were on a shopping or a lifestyle site. We wanted to show a more complete view of CHOICE's uniqueness. Its three pillars are product testing, investigative content and consumer advocacy.

current nav.png

A deep dive into the data & content audit


How to tell where the navigation fell short? I turned to a year worth of Google Analytics data to find answers. I looked into search queries and popular pages. I took different ways to slice the data:

  • Are some categories more popular than others?

  • What is the most popular content type?

  • Would users look for one piece of content in more than one place?

Early concept

Draft solution for nav (2).jpg
Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 4.11.01 pm.png

Treejack testing


Qualitative user testing


Write here…

Refine and build